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What does the OK UAS Research Initiative do?

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This joint program between Rose State College and The University of Oklahoma is designed to provide exposure to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for students majoring in Technology and Engineering. Students at Rose State College choosing to pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Technology or an Associates of Science in Engineering will have the opportunity to study the theory associated with UAS and learn how the fundamental concepts in Calculus and Physics apply to UAS. Additionally, courses in Engineering and Technology will have hands on components and projects focusing on the design, operation, and maintenance of UAS.

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The number of non-model UAS registered with the FAA grew 150% in 2017.

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About Our Programs

The Associate of Applied Science in Technology degree program at RSC is for students to master subject matter, based upon traditional classroom instruction and laboratory exercises. The expected program outcome is to provide a comprehensive education for students to enter the workforce. The current Technology program has four options:
1. Electronics
2. Advanced Design (CAD/CAM)
3. Mechanical Systems
4. Quality Assurance.
The Associate of Science in Engineering program at Rose State College parallels the first two years of the engineering program at The University of Oklahoma, as well as numerous other four-year universities. Graduates from the Rose State College program with good academic records are able to transfer to many four-year engineering colleges with substantial portions of their basic coursework completed.
Rose State College and University of Oklahoma instructors will develop a large number of projects, exams, and assignments aimed at exploiting the potential of the experiential learning philosophy; this material will be disseminated using the Rose State College website (www.rose.edu).